Buy Businesses in Japan.

Exponentially grow your market in Japan using acquisition strategies.

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- Vision -

Connecting you to Japan
through M&A and Partnerships.


We value partnerships.

Many businesses struggle to break into the Japanese market because of language and cultural barriers. We'll help you acquire businesses in Japan so that you can accelerate your expansion from day one.

01. M&A in Japan

Acquisitions with synergies.

Our company maximizes synergy effects through M&A by strategically buying out valuable companies. We select companies with high growth potential or those expected to benefit from business improvements, and optimize capital investment and management resources. Utilizing our expertise, we also provide smooth transition support after management integration, enhancing the value of both companies.

02. Scalable Management

Business Operating System

We aim to increase sales by implementing the latest management systems in the companies we acquire. By introducing this system, we will achieve operational efficiency, simultaneously accomplishing cost reduction and productivity improvement. This will enable the acquired companies to expect sustained revenue growth and realize long-term business expansion and enhanced competitiveness.

We're not brokers

Instead, we want to partner with you to create sustainable growth.

Creative Financing

Our aim is to buy businesses for $0 out of pocket to minimize risk for all.

LLC Setup

We can hep you create LLC's and holdings companies here in Japan.


acquisitions between
our partners

$6 Billion

in sales between our partners and groups


industry specific experts


years of networks and avenues


Takayuki Ishii (Tak)

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Tak has a decade of management experience in the fields of international personnel staffing, video production, and marketing. Utilizing a global perspective and specialized knowledge, we are committed to fully supporting the expansion of our clients' businesses.

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